Girls Reveal All About Their First Day on the Job

A first day on any kind of job will follow some similar patterns of stress, awkwardness as well as unfamiliarity. This is a general scenario in which everybody can truly relate to. The specifics of clumsiness will definitely differ. For example, the first day waiting tables versus the first day as a high class escort cannot be more different, although it might depend on the personal viewpoint in some other cases. In order to enlighten the outsiders on an experience, professional escorts went to Reddit so as to recount their 1st shift ol on the so called “ol’ block”.

Dating Material

For just $500, an escort can have sex with a man who can be considered a boyfriend material. It is something that can boost the confidence of a woman, some escorts said. His penis which hit her G spot in each thrust made her earn $500. That is an incentive.

Poor Guy

On the first day of the job, one man is actually hired by not just one but a group of women who work as escorts. They’re celebrating a birthday and whilst there was not any actual sex, happiness and thrill were already there.

Covering Rent

In spite of the butterflies, one of the first job of the escorts ended up in earning $670 for rentals and a brand new phone. When he failed to grow extremely attached, it can have been much better. After all, rent is rent.

A Night of Sadness and Tears

Being an escort is not all about fun or games. Though one escort considered her first day as fairly casual, she then spent the next days in crying. She actually cried inside the cab. Basically, her eyes were with tears until her next job, but she still took it.

The Boom of the Business

On her first night, she then guzzled with wine and clocked in. She earned more yet she still claimed that the business was not the same.

Escort by Accident

There was a guy that he will just have to expose himself while naked and pose for a photo shoot inside of a hotel room so his “employer” can draw him. At the time it ended in fellatio, he realized that he might miscalculated the circumstance.

The Club of Gentlemen

Working as a professional escort is not as raunchy in the same way many people can imagine. On the first job of an escort, she felt that the experience she had was just the same with her first date. Just as what you can think of, it is like having a first date inside the hotel and with a tip.